spray tanning


Sunless Radiance

At Evolve Salon and Spa in Ashburn, our spray tanning salon offers a vegan alternative to laying out in the sun for several hours a day to achieve the perfect tan.Spray tanning is a safe method of sunless tanning that allows you to achieve the perfect glow without the risk of skin damage caused by harmful UV rays. We offer spray tanning services so that you can choose the perfect shade and coverage.

the benefits of Sunless Tanning

With a spray tan, you get a professionally applied tan that offers much better results than DIY tanning products and is longer lasting. Considering how affordable our spray tanning services are, you can afford a professional tan as often as you like so you can enjoy a golden glow year-round. Spray tanning is an excellent way to create a beautiful base before you go on vacation, where there will be a lot of sun exposure.

No-Risk of Sun Damage

The most important benefit of our spray tanning services is that you won’t be putting your health at risk, which is a common concern when it comes to sun exposure or tanning bed use. No sun exposure means a lower risk of sun cancer, freckles, or skin discoloration. Additionally, studies have shown that sun damage can rapidly age the skin.

Beautiful Results, Instantly

With a spray tan, you won’t have to waste hours in the sun for the perfect glow. With one of our spray tanning sessions, you’ll have the perfect tan in a matter of minutes.

Streak-Free Coverage

Unlike DIY tanning products, our experienced technicians can apply a beautiful sunless tan without streaks. Our tanning sprays also won’t cause a big mess or leave you feeling sticky after.

Shade Options

When you use our sunless tanning services, you can choose how light or dark you want your tan to be for a custom look and the perfect glow.

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