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Evolve Salon and Spa


Ashburn's Premier Full Service Salon and Spa, providing you with the best in beauty services.

Evolve Salon and Spa is Ashburn’s premier full-service salon and spa.  Our full salon and spa offer hair services for women, men, and children. Whether you are looking for a simple cut, a color service, or a whole new transformation we have you covered! Choosing the right color service can be daunting. Trends and techniques are always evolving, making it hard to know the difference between a Balayage and a Highlight for example. So how do you know which service is best for your hair type and desired to look? Evolve offers complimentary consultations for all your hair questions!

Let our highly skilled and talented stylists take you to your hair goals by letting them know all of your questions and concerns before beginning your service. During every consultation, our stylist will take the time to really listen. Our specialists will help choose from a variety of color, cut, and styling options leaving you looking and feeling your very best.

The hairdressers at Evolve can do it all: trendy, classic, long or short hair, fun and funky or traditional and conservative, dark or light color, dimensional highlights or lowlights, smooth or frizzy, or anything you can think of. You’ll enjoy a long-term relationship with our stylists and evolve to your liking.

For a top-notch skin care clinic, Evolve Salon and Spa features iS Clinical, a safe cosmeceutical skincare line for all skin types. Let the Master Esthetician analyze your skin and prescribe which skin care services and products will meet your specific needs. Customizable facial treatments are tailored to each individual’s skin for maximum results! iS Clinical products are used for our facial treatments leaving your skin looking healthier.

Additionally, only the best wax is used to remove your unwanted face and body hair for both men and women. Sculpting eyebrows, removing unwanted chest and back hair, and cleaning up your bikini line are just a few examples of Evolve’s hair removal options.

Speaking of skin, Evolve Salon and Spa has added organic spray tanning to its spa department. Nearly everyone feels better with a tan and this is without the harmful UV rays from the sun or tanning beds. Sjolie tanning spray is vegan and together with our experts’ touch, you’ll receive a healthy and even glow. A great option for regular sun lovers to those needing a spruce up before a special event, Evolve’s Sjolie spray tanning will suit your individual needs.

Full-Service Beauty Salon in Ashburn Virginia

Evolve offers microblading services such as eyebrows, lip, and eyeliner and is perfect for someone looking for a more permanent look! Microblading is a cosmetic tattoo that enhances the natural shape and looks of your brow, lip, or eye. 3D eyebrows can mimic the natural hair of your brows making them look fuller and realistic. Evolve’s certified artist offers complimentary consultations.

Evolve is proud to offer a healthy and safe variety of massage services in the spa. Treat yourself to a relaxing experience to escape or receive personalized therapy to work out lingering muscle pain. The professionals at Evolve offer only the best including an Evolve Signature Massage, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue, Sports, Trigger Point, and Prenatal massages. Your therapist will consult with you to gain insight into your body issues and you can choose your level of comfort and touch.

Evolve Salon and Spa has assembled a talented and experienced pair of nail technicians that specialize in a multitude of nail care needs. They work with OPI, and CND nail polishes to create luxurious nails with many color options. In addition, these nail experts utilize Gewhol foot care products, which were created in Germany by a pharmacist and help a variety of common foot disorders.

Whether you are in need of a nail repair or a spa manicure and pedicure, you can trust the clean, sanitized, and safe environment at Evolve. The pedicure chairs deliver a multitude of massage options to maximize the comfort of your back that you can control. Evolve Salon and Spa’s nail department is clean, fun, and will exceed your expectations.

Evolve Salon and Spa offer a one-stop-shop for all your beauty care needs. With an extensive list of services, from haircuts and styles to skin care to spray tanning, we have you covered with the best expert knowledge in every service we provide. Our team will custom make what works best for you at Evolve – whether that’s our highly skilled spa therapists providing massage therapy or someone who specializes only in makeup application, nail care, spray tanning (and much more!). Our expert team will customize your needs to what works best with their knowledge so that every customer can feel satisfied with their desired outcome by visiting our salon and spa.

At Evolve Salon and Spa, we know everyone has different needs for skin care services. Our iS Clinical Skincare line features products tailored to your specific skin type in order to provide maximum results. The customizability of our treatments makes it easy for you – let our master esthetician analyze what will work best on your face with our clinical products. 

Premier Hair Salon in Ashburn

Evolve offers great quality hair services for women, men, and children in Ashburn, VA; whether you are looking for a short haircut, a color service, or a whole new transformation, we have you covered! Evolve offers complimentary consultations for all your hair questions! Let our highly skilled and talented stylists take you to your hair goals by letting them know all of your questions and concerns before beginning your service. During every consultation, our stylist will take the time to listen. Our specialists will help you choose from various colors, cuts, and styling options, leaving you looking and feeling your very best self.

Evolve stylists use several techniques to achieve dimensional looks. Balayage is a technique where bleach or color is hand-painted on the hair in a sweeping motion to create a softer, more blended look. Foilyage is a technique where the hair is hand-painted and then placed in a foil. During a highlighting service, your Evolve stylist will section off your hair, and then more minor, woven sections are painted and put through the foil to process. State-of-the-art Highlighting techniques create brighter, more dimensional hair, which is why Evolve Salon and Spa hair stylists stay up to date with the changes in the field. If you are looking for one all-over color or touching up your grey roots, we recommend booking a Single Process Color. This one-step process can bring life back into your dull, drab hair.

Our Brazilian Blowout service helps tame frizz, creates shine, and makes the hair more manageable with a reduced time in blow drying! The Brazilian Blowout does not take the curl from the hair, if there is any. Split ends are a concern for many; book a Brazilian Blowout Split End Treatment with any color service to protect and seal your ends for extra shine. An Express Brazilian is a quick service that can help maintain your hair’s frizziness for a short period.

A simple glazing or toner service added to your haircut or blowout can also help with vibrancy and add shine. Fashion colors such as blue, pink, purple, green, and teal are fun ways to show your creativity with your hair. Our goal during any of our chemical services is to achieve the best color without compromising your hair. We use the best products such as Wella ME+ color (free from PPD), Wellaplex 1, 2 & 3, and Blondorplex to protect your hair from damage.

For someone looking to add length or fullness to their hair, we offer Hair Extension services. Hot Heads tape-in extensions come in a variety of colors and shades. Stop by for a complimentary consultation about our tape-in extensions, and one of our stylists can help match the perfect extensions for you! Frizzy and unruly hair is often hard to manage.

Keratin Complex is a customizable treatment that can help reduce curl patterns, frizz, and create shine. We have numerous deep conditioning services for damaged, over-processed hair, and these treatments are customizable by your stylist to your individual needs. Kerastase treatments such as Fusio Dose, Indulgent Ritual, and Protocole Immunite nourish and deeply penetrate the hair leaving a silky-smooth finish. The luxury Chronologiste treatment uses pearl Abyssine collected 300 meters below sea level, delivering shine, softness, bounce, luster, and deeply nourishing the hair and scalp.

Evolve Salon and Spa offers a variety of hair services for women, men, and children. Whether you are looking for a simple cut, a color service, hair extensions, or a whole new transformation, we have you covered! We also offer free consultations to help answer all your questions. Our stylists will listen to what you are looking to achieve and give their expert opinion about which style might suit you best. They can help ease the decision on which colors and cuts will match your needs. At Evolve Hair Salon, our talented hair stylists will make you look your best. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, everything seems to go smoother. We also offer hair styling for women and hair coloring services in Ashburn, VA.

We offer many textured hair services for a variety of hairstyles. Control frizz, increase shine, and protect your hair with our Brazilian Blowout.  Increase the softness of your hair with Evolve’s Full Keratin Treatment. This is great for all hair types but is especially for those who have high frizz. Are you looking for rich curls?  Well, then our permanent body wave will enhance the body and volume of your hair.  Perhaps you don’t want to go full curl, well then Evolve’s partial perm will still enhance volume and body while adding some waves and curls. Any of our textured hair services will not only provide you with volume but will also give hair manageability and shine!

Evolve Salon and Spa offers all your favorite dimensional hair services like partial and full babylights and highlights. Our partial and full Balayage or Foilyage are the ultimate in natural highlights and are tailored to your preference. We offer full and partial highlights with single-process colors as well. Our amazing hair stylists will ensure you get the look you desire.

Are you looking to change your color, or perhaps cover those pesky grays? We offer a single process color with root touch up or pull through, which are cost and time-effective ways to get that perfect look you want and deserve. We offer glaze and toner, shadow root and color melts, fashion color, and creative color. Book a hair color consultation with your favorite Evolve Salon and Spa hairstylist today!

Do you have a wedding or a special occasion such as a prom in the future? Let Evolve share in your special day. Our stylists can perfect your wedding day hair. We will do a trial before the big day to ensure you have the exact look you have been dreaming about your whole life. When your special occasion requires your hair to be up and away from your neck, Evolve’s formal styling updo will have you look stunning on your special day. Book your consultation today!

Evolve Salon and Spa’s amazing hairstylists can give you any look you desire. Regardless if your hair is thick, thin, curly, straight, wavy, or anything in between, our stylists have seen it all. You deserve to look your best and Evolve would love to be there along the way. Book a call on the phone or online today!

Top of the Line Massage Spa in Ashburn

After a stressful day, our Massage Therapy services will help reduce muscle tension and relax the whole body. Massage therapy has numerous benefits for the mind and body. Evolve offers different variations of timing for our massage therapy services. A 30-minute Neck, Back, and Shoulders Massage is perfect for someone on the go. Need a little extra care? Enjoy one of our 90-minute full-body massages for total relaxation.

If you are very active, the body tightens up as muscles are stiff at work. Evolve’s Massage Therapists will help loosen those muscles and tough knots and help improve flexibility in our Sports Massage. Inflammation and arthritis are some of the most common ailments in people with joint pains and stiffness. Add on Doterra’s Deep Blue Rub to any of our massage services to help increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. Deep Blue Rub is formulated with essential oils and ingredients like wintergreen and peppermint, leaving a warming and cooling sensation.

A Hot Stone Massage add-on can also help penetrate deep into those sore muscles giving you overall relief in muscle tension. The stones are warmed to the perfect temperature and vary in size, allowing your therapist to place the rocks on crucial areas of the body. Hot Stone Massage helps expand the blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body. Our talented therapists can help you decide which essential oils will benefit your body the most when doing an Aromatherapy Massage. If you prefer light to medium pressure, then we suggest booking our Signature Swedish Massage. This classic massage is perfect for individuals newly introduced to massage therapy or people more sensitive to pressure.

A client who has received massage therapy services before may opt for firmer pressure with our Deep Tissue Massage. Another classic, the Deep Tissue massage, really penetrates the muscle tissues, a result you will feel! Prenatal massages are beneficial for expecting mothers experiencing back, neck, shoulder, and foot pain. Prenatal massages can also help reduce the stress and anxiety of expecting mothers and even help with labor. Your Massage Therapist will apply gentle and appropriate pressure during the massage. The proper placement of pillows allows for maximum comfort.

Cupping is an alternative medicine therapy practice that helps to promote blood flow. This therapeutic bodywork focuses on creating a vacuum seal with plastic cups that bring blood to the skin’s surface while expelling negative energy from the body. Cupping improves overall vitality, reduces pain, and loosens the muscles. Evolve Salon and Spa offers Reflexology Massage. This popular treatment focuses on specific pressure points of the hands and feet. Your massage therapist uses a unique massage technique with their thumb, finger, and hand. 

Massage releases toxins from the body, so stay well hydrated before and after your massage services. Water is beneficial to keeping your skin and body healthy, but it also flushes out any of those unwanted toxins and keeps you hydrated.

Escaping to Evolve Salon and Spa for a massage is the perfect way to slip away from your hectic life or receive personalized therapy that will work out lingering muscle pain. The professionals at our spa offer only top-of-the-line massages, including an Evolve signature massage, hot stone therapy, deep tissue sports injury treatment, and trigger point injections, among others, all with consultation on what type of touch you want and need; depending on if it’s relaxation time after working hard in stressful situations or a prenatal massage to ease your pregnancy.

The human body has 600 muscles, so after a stressful day, it is natural to feel tense or tightness after an active day. If you want to keep your flexibility and avoid pain in certain areas- like the lower back, for instance – Evolve’s Ashburn Massage Therapists will help loosen those knots while also improving blood circulation throughout our sports massages.

Evolve offers Do Terra’s Deep Blue Rub, which is an excellent way to help relieve joint pain and stiffness. Our therapist applies the rub as part of any massage therapy session as an add-on option. Deep Blue rub provides not only therapeutic benefits but also warmth that will leave you feeling refreshed after use. Deep Blue Rub contains wintergreen and peppermint extracts for their soothing benefits.

As a growing trend, massage therapy is a game-changer in the health and wellness world. At Evolve Salon and Spa, we offer an array of different massage therapies, such as Swedish and Deep Tissue Massages, which are among the best Massage Therapy sessions found in Ashburn. Our Masseuses offer a massage therapy session for everyone. Our trigger point massage will work away at those stubborn muscle knots while our prenatal massage ease backaches during pregnancy to help mothers-to-be maintain comfort throughout their journey.

State of the Art Skin Care Clinic and Waxing Salon

Do you have skincare concerns such as blemishes, dry or oily skin, dark puffy eyes, flushing/redness, or hyperpigmentation? Our Master Esthetician can answer all your pertinent skincare questions and needs with a complimentary skin analysis! Whether an adult or teen, dead skin cells, oil, and debris often clog pores leaving skin acne-prone or looking dull and aged.

Evolve offers a unique acne facial treatment designed to rid unwanted acne. We are proud to work with, and offer iS Clinical products, a safe cosmeceutical skincare line for all skin types. Our specially formulated iS Clinical products penetrate deep into the skin, clearing out all unwanted debris. Are you tired of dark puffy eyes? iS Clinical has the perfect eye care treatments and products full of antioxidants and peptides that strengthen, nourish, and hydrate the delicate skin underneath the eyes.

Our Facial treatments are one of a kind and are customizable, ensuring that you are getting the proper treatments for all your skincare needs and your skin type. We offer a variety of Facials for anyone and everyone. Feel at ease as our Master Esthetician has extensive training in the iS Clinical skincare line and Esthetics overall. All of Evolve’s Facial services will leave your skin feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

Hyperpigmentation causes uneven tones in the skin and can be different for everyone but usually results in dark spots on the skin. We can help support and combat environmental aggressors, resulting in brighter skin and reducing uneven skin tones. SPF, or sunscreen, is vital to maintaining and protecting healthy glowing skin from harmful UV sun rays. Microdermabrasion is a specialty service that can be an add-on to a Facial or as a stand-alone treatment.

Microdermabrasion removes the uneven outer layer of the skin with a minimally abrasive instrument that sands the skin, leaving your skin rejuvenated and smoother. This rejuvenation process is ideal for anyone looking to reduce the appearance of discoloration, sun damage, or light scarring. Let our Master Esthetician provide you with a unique treatment program that will help reduce signs of aging, wrinkles, blemishes, blackheads, and more! Your skin will be glowing!

The Evolve Skin Care team is here to help you with all your skincare needs. We’ll answer any questions and perform a complimentary analysis. Whether your skin is dry or oily, dark puffy eyes caused by water retention due to stress, flushing/redness from anxiety attacks – whatever issue may bother you now; our master estheticians know how to fix your skin ailments so that everything will look its best again soon enough.

You deserve better than just another faceless cosmetics company telling customers they need more products when what’s already present doesn’t work well enough alone anymore.

The Evolve Salon and Spa acne treatment facial rids of unwanted breakouts and leaves your skin feeling clean, healthy, and glowing. We use iS Clinical products – a safe cosmetics skincare line for all skin types (even sensitive!) Our unique formulation treatments penetrate deep into pores where they find any debris that may clog them up; then, we flush it away with our special blend of our soothing oils! You’ll never want dark puffy eyes again after experiencing our amazing skincare services. In addition, we offer a wide range of products for purchase to keep your skin vibrant between treatments.

Waxing hair removal services are quick and painless. We use hard or soft wax based on your individual needs and take the time to treat the skin before and after your waxing. From brow shaping to leg and bikini, or any of our other waxing services, you will leave feeling silky smooth from our aftercare treatment. Shaving sensitive areas often cause skin irritation, such as bumps, rashes, or ingrown hairs. An excellent alternative to shaving would be our Brazilian Wax.

Our Master Esthetician has perfected the art of waxing, making it as painless as possible during your Brazilian service. Evolve provides waxing services not only for women but also for our gentlemen clientele. Hair removal has become more popular with gentlemen receiving back, chest, or even excellent brow waxing.

Top Notch Nail Salon, Makeup, and Eyelash Extension Services in Ashburn

Evolve’s talented nail technicians specialize in a multitude of nail care needs. Our OPI and CND nail polishes create luxurious nails with many color options! Gewhol foot care products were developed in Germany by a pharmacist and helped a variety of common foot disorders, such as cracked, dry, and callused feet. Gehwol’s ingredients include essential oils, avocado oil, vitamin E, and many more.

Broken and tattered nails force people to cut their hands close to the skin, which can be painful. For a solution that won’t leave scars on your fingers and toes, Evolve Salon and Spa are here with its range of nail services, including nail repair, in case anything goes while living a fast-paced lifestyle. You might also want to take advantage of one of our fill options- such as gel, silk, or acrylic. Evolve’s nail technicians are amazing with at a classic French Manicure finish. A complete set can come in different options, such as Alessandro Gel or Solar Acrylic sets. Fills make keeping up with your nail care a breeze! Our nail services suit everybody perfectly, regardless of the time passed between professional touches. Make a lasting impression with our Ashburn nail salon services.

Shellac polishes are available for a longer-lasting manicure and pedicure. When it’s time for removal, our professionals will adequately remove the shellac without compromising your nails. We understand that time these days is short, perfect for our Express Manicure and Pedicure that will have you in and out in no time while still feeling the complete pampering of our spa services. Want to stay a little longer and enjoy a paraffin wax dip? Then the Spa Manicure and Pedicure is for you! Enjoy total relaxation as our pedicure chairs are a massage of their own.

Along with a good skincare routine comes Makeup! Here at Evolve, we have the most skilled Makeup Artists in the area. Our artists consistently evolve and perfect their craft, taking a particular interest in all of the latest beauty trends and techniques. We specialize in every occasion, from prom to a holiday party, a family photoshoot, create even an event you’re attending, and have the perfect glam for you. Our goal is always to embrace and enhance your beauty, not cover it up. Permanent Makeup services are also available by consultation!

Let our professionals take care of all the stress that comes with weddings by consulting about our variety of bridal services. Feel a sense of relief knowing you can get your hair, makeup, and nails done all in one on your big day! Evolve artists also specialize in eyelash care. We offer various eyelash options like a one-time false lash or even more permanent eyelash extensions and carry an eyelash conditioner that enhances your lashes. Evolve’s Lash Extension artists use only the best products, Xtreme Lashes. Xtreme Lashes are ideal for anyone who desires more permanent, longer, and fuller lashes. They come in a variety of lengths and bond individually with your natural eyelash.

Our certified artists take special care in the placement of each eyelash, making them appear natural-looking. For some, a complete set of Xtreme Lashes can replace the daily use of mascara, saving time and money! Evolve also proudly carries RevitaLash products. RevitaLash Eyebrows and Lash Conditioners are paraben, phthalates, BHT, and gluten-free! These non-irritating products are ophthalmologists formulated and help protect and strengthen your lashes and brows.

At Evolve, we offer a unique beauty and wellness journey tailored to your specific well-being needs. Our fantastic nail parlor offers a myriad of services ranging from the best manicure or pedicure in Ashburn, VA. At Evolve, our expert staff goes out of their way to provide all types of nail treatments, including luxury silk wraps for those who desire them; professional soak off gel and shellac remover, which only takes minutes. Alessandro nails design, manicure and pedicure, kids pedicure and manicure, French polish and manicure, the best nail repairs, and silk wrap full set.

At Evolve, we take care of all the stress that comes along with your important occasions. Weddings and bridal services are no exception! Our professionals will be there for you on the most important and special day to make sure everything goes smoothly from start to finish in terms of hair and makeup application and nail decoration. At Evolve, we know that each client has unique requests, which we go above and beyond to satisfy.

Evolve Salon and Spa offer various eyelash extension options, like onetime false lashes or even more permanent eyelash extensions. We carry an assortment that enhances your natural beauty to the max! Our technicians use only Xtreme lashes, which come in various lengths and individually align with every client’s own set for lush, long-looking results you can’t find anywhere else.

We’re proud to provide our customers with top-quality eyelash extensions and eyeliner tattooed on by expert artists; people won’t be able to tell if someone has gone under UV light treatment because these types don’t have any noticeable pigment differences.

Spray Tanning Salon Ashburn

Everybody feels better when their skin emanates a stunning bronze glow. For years the only solution was tanning beds or soaking in the sun for hours, risking harmful skin conditions and even skin cancers. As the beauty and wellness industry advanced, industry professionals wanted to develop a better solution to achieving that natural glowing look without the harmful tanning beds or soaking in the sun’s UV rays.

Evolve researched many alternative tanning solutions and ultimately decided on SJolie Tanning Solutions. Sjolie is an airbrushed spray tanning application. The ingredients in all of their solutions are naturally derived, PETA Certified Vegan and used worldwide. Sjolie is free of parabens, erythrulose, and fragrance.

Spray tanning can protect you in several ways. The sun can cause many harmful effects on the skin, such as sunburn, premature aging, wrinkles, or sunspots. One of the most effective solutions to the sun’s harmful damage to the skin is spray tanning! Book a tanning session before your next beach trip or vacation to start your tan with an even base and help prevent sunburn.

Having an even glow can boost your confidence and have you looking your best on any occasion! Every bride wants that perfect glow on their wedding day, and we can help you achieve that look. Our talented professionals can help you pick the level of tan you desire. SJolie’s tan development chart enables you to choose the perfect shade with solutions that feature an Aloe Vera base. This organic solution is applied evenly throughout the body with an airbrushed technique, free from smears.

Evolve provides a clean, private room for the tanning application, making it a comfortable experience for any guest. Our professional artist will apply a barrier base cream to the palms and bottom of the feet to prevent unwanted discoloration. They will take measures to protect your hair. The application is thorough and, on average, only takes about 30 minutes! To achieve the best results, we always recommend following the proper before and aftercare.

Among the most popular ways of achieving a bronzed look is by using self-tanners. The best part about our Sjolie spray tanning products is that they’re made with natural ingredients like Aloe Vera. Our spray tanning technicians apply the bronzing spray evenly throughout your body for an even glow, leaving no streaking behind.

Evolve Salon and Spa is the perfect spot to get your tan on. We provide a clean, private room for guests that allows them to experience an enjoyable time at our facility. Our professional artists will apply barrier cream onto your palms and the bottom of your feet before applying lotion. After being tanned, you have some choice in styles with us.

We use SJOLIE Sunless products.

They are naturally derived. The entire spray tan product line contains naturally derived ingredients certified vegan by PETA Foundation.
They are made Fresh. Direct partnerships with ingredient farmers provide guaranteed demand for their harvest, allowing them to better plan their crop rotations to grow specialty ingredients just for SJOLIE.
Safe. The entire spray tan product line is free of Parabens, erythrulose, and fragrances.

Before any tanning session, please make sure you exfoliate; we recommend at least 18-24 hours before. You may use a scrub or a loofah with shampoo. Exfoliating has several benefits, not only for your tan but for your skin! It helps stimulate blood flow, removes excess dead skin cells, and smooths out the skin preparing it for an even tan. On the day of your tanning session, please wear dark, loose-fitting clothing.

Please do not wear any deodorant, perfume, or body lotions, as this can create an uneven tan. Do not shower before the recommended time, as the solution needs time to develop. Following your session, please avoid excessive sweating as this can cause unevenness in your tan. You have the option to sleep in your tan; if doing so, please make sure that you wear a long sleeve, dark cotton shirt, and long bottoms to avoid any transfer on your sheets. When you do shower, always pat dry the body and do not rub. Our spray tanning professionals recommend using a gentle body wash to extend the life of your tan. Evolve has tanning packages available to fit all budgets! Book your tanning services today!

Why Choose Evolve Salon and Spa

For all things, beauty, Evolve Salon and Spa is the place to be. With high-quality products and informative and highly trained staff in every skill imaginable (from hair to makeup), as well as exceptional customer service. We have you covered. Stop by today or call ahead so that our friendly associates can prepare everything beforehand. Evolve Salons and Spa offer a wide variety of services, including hair care, skincare, massage spa, nail salon, permanent makeup, eyelash extensions, spray tanning, and many more.

Evolve has an integrated design with The Fitness Equation that features direct access to the gym’s women’s locker room and a seamless entrance from the gym lobby. The relationships Christopher and Sonia had built in the over 50 years of combined cosmetology experience in Northern Virginia proved to be a huge asset in forming this talented team.

Evolve means to grow and develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form. Christopher and Sonia’s goals include continually evolving the salon and spas’ professionals, clients, and their business to new heights. Through education, sharing knowledge, and teamwork, Evolve Salon and Spa believes it can enrich all of the lives it touches by delivering the best beauty/spa experiences and results that can be found in our industry.

Evolve Salon and Spa is conveniently located on the second floor of The Fitness Equation in One Loudoun, right next to the parking garage. Unlike small booth rental salons, Evolve offers you a one-stop full-service salon and spa experience, including hair, nails, skincare, massage, makeup, organic spray tanning, and eyelash extension services. Evolve can provide you with all of your beauty needs in one safe and comfortable setting where you can relax and transform. Our innovative and compassionate team will leave you confident in your choice of salon/spa with an uplifting experience.

Evolve’s staff are clean, welcoming, and trained to listen to and meet your needs. Their philosophy is to consult and deliver. Every client at Evolve receives a consultation. Your technician will take the time to get to know you and gain an understanding of your needs. After listening to your preferences and gathering the information, together you will decide how to move forward in unison. With a staff who are highly trained in classic and the latest techniques, your needs will be met with professionalism and superior results.

Service Area

Need a beauty fix? Visit us at 44693 Brimfield Dr. Ashburn VA 20147. For all your hair, skin, massage, nail, and makeup needs, we’re here for you! Our services are second to none, and we’ll make sure you want to return repeatedly as well as tell your friends and family.

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Service Area

Need a beauty fix? Visit us at 44693 Brimfield Dr. Ashburn VA 20147. For all your hair, skin, massage, nail, and makeup needs, we’re here for you! Our services are second to none, and we’ll make sure you want to return repeatedly as well as tell your friends and family.

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Evolve Salon and Spa
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Meet the Owners of Evolve Salon and Spa

Sonia Kasbarian Evolve Salon and Spa owner

Sonia Kasbarian is Evolve Salon & Spa’s Master Stylist and Owner. Sonia brings with her 20+ years of experience. Her education includes advanced classwork and training from the Wells Institute in color dynamics. Sonia has extensive training in Matrix and Aquage formal upstyling. Sonia carries certifications in Brazilian Blowout and Keratin Complex treatments. Continue reading Sonia’s bio here.

Chris Whitmore Evolve Salon and Spa owner

Chris Whitmore is Evolve Salon & Spa’s Master Stylist and Owner. He brings with him 25+ years of experience. Chris is a graduate of the Graham Webb International Academy of Hair in Arlington, Virginia. Chris is a big believer in continuing education which is why he continues to perfect his trade at the Wells Institute in New York City. Continue reading his bio here.


Evolve Salon and Spa opened its doors in Ashburn on February 1st, 2016, and proudly serves the diverse residents of Northern Virginia and the DMV. Evolve’s owners are Christopher Whitmore and Sonia Kasbarian, two hairstylists who have a passion for their industry and shared a deep desire to create a modern salon and spa in a prime location. Christopher and Sonia were brought together in 2014 by the well-known owners of The Fitness Equation, Chuck Wilson, and Ahmad Kangerloo.

The Fitness Equation was looking to open a 42,000 square foot location in One Loudoun and was interested in featuring an upscale salon and spa inside the gym. Chuck and his family knew both Christopher and Sonia and, in a nutshell, brought them together to explore the idea of the two of them teaming up to open in The Fitness Equation.

Christopher and Sonia shared a dream and vision of the relationship between fitness, beauty, and wellness. Their relationship grew both together and with their families. They began to develop a strong plan. While brainstorming for a name for the salon and spa, Sonia mentioned Evolution as an idea. Immediately, Christopher loved it but thought the root word, Evolve, sounded amazing. The two of them agreed and the name Evolve Salon and Spa was born. However, a lot more had to be done.

This all happened in the fairly early stages of One Loudoun. The large building wasn’t even built yet. After a lot of hard work creating a sound business plan, the owners of both businesses worked with a renowned architect outside of New York City to develop everything from the blueprints down to design specs for the gym, salon, and spa.

Meanwhile, Christopher and Sonia worked hard to execute the business plan for their space and assemble a team. Their vision included departments in hair, nails, skincare, massage therapy, and the best of professional products. Together, they developed a unique modern design including a color bar, relaxation spa room, movable stations to provide for an educational environment, and a high-tech safety air ventilation system. 

Evolve has a great sense of community. First, yours and the publics’ health is respected with our significant investment in enhanced sanitation practices and innovative protection equipment. We take everyone’s health seriously. In the past 5 years, Evolve has gladly raised funds or donated to local places such as The 3 B’s Foundation benefiting breast cancer, Women Giving Back, The Tin Cup Foundation, Potomac Falls High School, Hazel Reid Elementary, Newton Lee Elementary, and many more. Simply said, Evolve believes in giving back to the local community.

Evolve Salon and Spa welcomes walk-ins and prides itself on word of mouth referrals that have built valuable long-term relationships with clients. Evolve values The Fitness Equation members who take the opportunity to enjoy their 15% discount on select services 3 days a week and the convenience of Evolve’s location. This discount is extended to 1st-time customers and valuable service and product specials are updated monthly on the website. Curbside pickup for products

Evolve offers an online store which was added to give you the satisfaction of safety and service in a timely manner. Evolve has developed strong relationships with its business partners and vendors which allows for regular significant price reductions on products it offers to compete with online competitors. Evolve Salon and Spa appreciates your support of its small business and encourages the patronage of your community small businesses.

After years of experience, Christopher and Sonia have an unparalleled understanding of what professional products work. They have the highest confidence in the hair and skincare lines. First and foremost, Evolve is very proud to be an exclusive Wella Color salon! The color bar, a centerpiece of the salon, features a wall of neatly organized color tubes for Evolve’s stylists to mix up their magic formulas. Wella has an extensive collection of permanent, demi-permanent, semi-permanent, and direct dyes that deliver the whole color wheel from natural to fantasy tones.

The stylists are highly trained by Wella’s top educators who travel to our location quarterly to update our team on the latest techniques, colors, and trends. Whether you’re going darker or lighter, want balayage or teasy lights, or grey coverage, these pros will accommodate your wants and needs through communication and technique. Together with Wella’s position as the world’s most popular professional hair color company, Evolve’s stylists will exceed your expectations.

Kerastase, Moroccan Oil, Wella, Brazilian Blowout, and Baxter for Men make up Evolve’s collection of hair care that solves all of your hair care issues. Evolve’s stylists are well educated and will prescribe a regimen for your specific hair type and situation. Customizable in-salon treatments have proven to exceed the expectations of clients and are highly recommended. Experience total relaxation as our salon assistant gives you a one of a kind scalp massage during your shampoo.

Evolve Salon and Spa boasts a friendly, smooth functioning and modern hair salon with hairstylist professionals who range in experience and specializations. The stylist level system allows you to select the sort of experience and investment that you are looking for. Continuing education is key for this talented team. Through our partnerships with Kerastase, Moroccan Oil, Wella, and Brazilian Blowout, the stylists receive regular training at the salon, through webinars, and at special events.

Evolve strives to enhance your experience with an offering of a variety of coffees, teas, filtered water (with or without ice), and finally, a selection of red and white wine. As an added value, through a partnership with The Fitness Equation, Evolve is proud to offer child care services for ages 3 months up to 14 years while you receive services for up to 2 hours. Vouchers are available at the salon for a special rate. Children who are members of TFE receive complimentary childcare. Finally,

Evolve sets the right tone with appropriate music for your experience. The spa clients enjoy relaxing spa radio while the salon offers today’s hits, classic rock, and alternative vibes. Christopher and Sonia have successfully collaborated to create a positive, sanitary, creative, and team-oriented experience that will leave you looking and feeling extraordinary. Evolve Salon and Spa invites you to relax, transform, and evolve with us. Click the book an appointment tab now!