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Grooming Elevated

At Evolve Salon & Spa, we elevate men’s grooming beyond the barbershop. Our expert stylists meticulously craft your look, offering creative styles, a professional consultation, hot towel, and a relaxing shampoo with every service

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Men’s Haircut and Style

At Evolve Salon & Spa, we know that a man’s hair is his crowning glory. That’s why our stylists have the training to make sure every detail of your haircut and style is perfect from start to finish, unlike your barbershop. Evolve’s stylists have a wide range of creative styling options to ensure that you look your best. We include a professional consultation, hot towel, and relaxing shampoo with your hair service.

Our Men’s haircut stylists love to work with long, medium-length, or short hair. We can create anything from a classic look to a trendy style like our photo above! Our barbers are skilled at barbering fades and grey color blending, too. Our team will exceed your expectations whether you have thick or thin hair or hair that needs special attention.  Give us a call or schedule online today for an appointment. Don’t settle for mediocrity by going to a barbershop or Hair Cuttery when you can have perfection at Evolve.

Beard Trim

At Evolve Spa & Salon, we offer complete beard trimming services for any type of facial hair—be it short or long; thinning on edge vs. full hipster beards at your discretion, we can handle it all.

Neck Trim

With your time at Evolve Spa & Salon, we will try to provide the best service possible for various hair services. We trained our skilled barbers and stylists in trimming necks with modern techniques and unique cuts tailored to each individual’s needs – no matter what they may be.

Child’s Haircut – Girl and Boy (10 and Under)

We know kids are more than just little adults. That’s why at Evolve Salon & Spa, we offer a variety of different services for kids ten years and under to ensure they feel comfortable with whatever stylistic choice you make. We have Child’s Haircut – Girl (10 and Under) and Boy (10 and Under). Our hairstylists are great with kids and will consult with you both and provide your child with the look and feel they want while keeping them comfortable the whole time. Our staff has the necessary skills to work with your youngster.

We tailor our Child’s Haircut – Girl (10 and Under) and Boy (10 and Under) to suit the needs of your little one. We specialize in easy-to-care-for, classic or trendy, styles for girls at any length, with or without bangs.  For boys, we provide traditional, spiky undercuts and virtually any look you can imagine.  We will keep them looking their ultra best- we have a perfect style fit just waiting.

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