evolve story

meet sonia & chris

Evolve Salon & Spa, situated in Ashburn, opened on February 1st, 2016, serving the Northern Virginia and DMV area. Founded by passionate hairstylists Christopher Whitmore and Sonia Kasbarian, they partnered with The Fitness Equation, owned by Chuck Wilson and Ahmad Kangerloo, to establish an upscale salon and spa inside their 42,000 square foot gym in One Loudoun.

United by their vision of intertwining fitness, beauty, and wellness, Christopher and Sonia set forth a comprehensive plan. The salon’s name “Evolve” was inspired by Sonia’s suggestion of “Evolution.” Before its inception, significant planning was done with an architect from New York, culminating in unique features like a color bar, spa room, movable stations, and an advanced ventilation system.

Community-centric, Evolve invests in sanitation and protective equipment, while also actively supporting local organizations and schools. Client referrals and word of mouth have been integral to their success. Fitness Equation members enjoy a 15% discount on select services thrice a week. Additionally, there’s an online store and regular discounts, emphasizing their commitment to competitive pricing and local business support.

Evolve offers a modern setting with skilled hairstylists of varying expertise. They prioritize continuous education, often partnering with renowned brands for training. Enhancing customer experience, they offer beverages, childcare services through The Fitness Equation, and tailored music for relaxation.

In essence, Christopher and Sonia have blended their expertise to foster a welcoming, innovative, and community-focused environment at Evolve Salon & Spa, inviting you to rejuvenate and evolve with them.

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