At Evolve, our staff are highly trained and bring a multitude of experience and talents. We invite you to explore our designers in each department to suit your specific needs and beauty budget.


Evolve’s founders emphasize learning for the whole staff. Our salon is specifically designed to transform into a classroom and learning environment. Each department’s providers are required to push themselves to evolve to the next level. We employ those who share our passion for the industry, want to grow and share their knowledge.

Green Circle Salons

As a newly Green Circle Certified Salon, we are proud to announce that Evolve is now part of a comprehensive recycling and sustainability program that sets out to significantly reduce our industry’s environmental impact on the planet. To learn more about Green Circle Salons please visit

Stylist Levels

Level 1

Our passionate “newbies” are new creative talents to the hair industry.  Level 1 stylists have demonstrated an exceptional skill level making Evolve a great fit.  They share our thirst for ongoing education, excellent customer service, and helping you look and feel your best.

Level 2

Our level 2 stylists are fresh and capable talents.  Generally, their experience level is 1-3 years.  While building a clientele, they are dedicated to perfecting their craft with attention to detail and customer service.

Level 3

Our level 3 stylists have demonstrated a commitment to growth through education and self-promotion.  With at least 3 years as a stylist, they deliver sound technical and creative skills along with a food track record of customer satisfaction.

Level 4

Our level 4 stylists have shown the ability to maintain a respectable clientele and successfully develop their talent through education and experience throughout their 5+ years of experience. Their expertise thrives from their hard work, dedication to their craft, and attention to professionalism.

Level 5

Our level 5 stylists are very experienced and educated and have 10+ years as a stylist. They have adopted our philosophy on evolving and sharing knowledge by demonstrating their strengths in our in-house education program. These advanced stylists have achieved a strong clientele and a high level of education.

Level 6

Our level 6 stylists have 20+ years of experience as a stylist and are in high demand. With an abundance of education and an extraordinary clientele, these pros can do it all. Their commitment to Evolves’ education plan is proven and is the driving force to our mission of helping our staff grow. Passion, skills, and the ultimate in client care are consistently delivered by these industry leaders.

Level 7

Our level 7 stylists have 25+ years of experience as a stylist and over 10 years as a Master Stylist. They possess a very loyal clientele and a wealth of skills in their craft and customer service. Absorbing advanced education, sharing knowledge and the ultimate consistency are top priorities.

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