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Delicate Touch, Daring Finish

Waxing is the process of using strips of wax to remove hair from the root. At Evolve Salon and Spa in Ashburn, VA, we use only the best products that are specifically formulated to prevent irritation to reactive skin. We use strip wax that’s gentle on sensitive skin, but still tough enough to leave your skin smooth, silky, and hair-free.

waxing services

Waxing – Full Face

A full facial wax is perfect for someone who has a lot of unwanted facial hair. Some people will try to bleach their facial hair, but this can have disastrous results. When waxed, the entire hair follicle is removed, which results in smoother silky skin, with none of the irritation you’ll get with bleaching or shaving.

Waxing – Lip

If you’re not ready for a full facial wax, take advantage of our lip hair removal wax treatment. This procedure is fast, lasting, and will leave your upper lip smooth and hair-free for weeks. We know how important it is to pamper your feet, which is why we take extra care when preparing the skin and nails before we shape and cut the toenails. We can add any nail color you prefer, or you can choose a more natural look with a subtle topcoat finish. We also offer the best kid pedicures in Ashburn, Va, so you can enjoy some quality pampering time with the kids. To learn more about our kid-friendly pedicure appointments, contact our salon today.

Waxing – Chin

Have a few stubborn hairs on your chin that don’t stay gone for long? Our chin waxing service is fast, effective, and provides results that last for weeks

Waxing – Sideburns

Our sideburns waxing process is fast, efficient, and will leave your face feeling smooth and even.

Waxing – Bikini

If you’re modest but still modern, a bikini wax is a great choice. This wax focuses on the area just inside a traditional style bikini rests to keep the area tidy.

Waxing – Arms

A full arm wax will leave your skin feeling smooth from your shoulders to your fingertips. Half arm waxing begins just above the elbow and down to the fingertips. You can also choose to start below the elbow and go up to the shoulder.

Waxing – Chest

A chest wax takes care of all hair from the neck just below where the pant line rests.

Waxing – Legs

From the tips of your toes up to your hips, you can enjoy silky limbs for several weeks at a time with a full leg wax. Whether you want a hair-free look from your knees up or your knees down, we offer half-leg waxing services to cater to your hair removal preferences, whatever they may be.

Waxing – Brow

Have you had to resort to shaving your unibrow? Unfortunately, brow hair seems to grow just as quickly as leg hair, which can cause irritation and dryness in your brow area if you shave daily. Our brow waxing service will eliminate brow dryness and irritation, leaving the area clean, smooth, and even.

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