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Enhance Your Eyes: Luxurious Brows & Lashes Treatments Await

Discover the art of enhancing your beauty with Evolve Salon & Spa brows and lashes services. Our expert estheticians specialize in shaping brows and enhancing lashes to frame your eyes beautifully. From precise eyebrow sculpting to professional lash lifts and extensions, we offer tailored treatments using premium products for stunning results. Experience radiant confidence with our transformative services. 

brow & lash services

Brow Threading

Brow threading is an ancient hair removal technique originating from South Asia, using a twisted cotton thread to remove unwanted hair with precision. Our skilled estheticians masterfully shape your brows, creating clean lines and perfectly sculpted arches. Say goodbye to tweezing and waxing woes – with brow threading, experience a gentle, precise, and long-lasting solution for flawless brows. Discover the magic of brow threading at Evolve Salon & Spa and unveil your perfect arches today.

Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is a cutting-edge treatment that transforms your natural brows, giving them a fuller, more defined look by setting them in place with a specially formulated solution. Say goodbye to unruly, sparse brows and hello to perfectly groomed, sleek arches. Our expert technicians will customize the treatment to suit your unique brow shape and preferences, leaving you with stunning, long-lasting results. Experience the ultimate brow transformation at Evolve Salon & Spa.

Brow Mapping

Brow mapping is a meticulous technique that involves measuring and shaping your brows to achieve symmetry and balance tailored to your facial features. Our skilled technicians use advanced mapping tools to create a personalized brow design that enhances your natural beauty. Say goodbye to uneven brows and hello to perfectly sculpted arches that frame your face flawlessly. Experience the art of brow mapping at Evolve Salon & Spa and unlock your perfect brow shape today.

Brow Tinting

Brow tinting is a non-invasive treatment that enhances the color and definition of your eyebrows, giving them a fuller, more defined appearance. Our skilled technicians use high-quality, semi-permanent dyes to match your natural hair color or create a bolder look, tailored to your preferences. Say goodbye to sparse or light brows and hello to beautifully framed eyes with long-lasting results.

Lash Tinting

Lash tinting is a transformative treatment that darkens and enhances your natural lashes, providing a fuller, more defined look without the need for mascara. Our skilled technicians use safe, semi-permanent dyes to complement your eye color and create a stunning, long-lasting effect. Say goodbye to clumpy mascara and hello to effortlessly beautiful lashes that frame your eyes.

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