Volcano Island Waterpark, Virginia’s favorite spot to cool off and have a good time, will transport you to a tropical paradise, which is situated near Ashburn. Volcano Island, which is located within Algonkian Regional Park, is jam-packed with exciting attractions for both adults and children. The waterslides provide a pair of exhilarating thrills, including 230 feet of excitement on the open slide and a thrilling 170 feet of excitement on the closed slide, which is completely dark! A spacious main pool provides plenty of splashing and swimming area for everyone – and it also features an incredible tree stump slide, which sends guests into four feet of refreshing water in a matter of seconds!

This massive play structure includes tube slides, open slides, fountains, squirters, platforms, and a gigantic 500-gallon dumping bucket. Volcano Island is the perfect place to spend the day with your family and friends. The play feature, which is situated in shallow water, is suitable for both children and adults. Additionally, a little kiddie slide may be found in the shallow area. There’s more to it than that! The splash pad is equipped with water cannons, showers, sprinklers, buckets, and other features – making it a fun destination for both children and adults.

Then there’s the Neos game to consider. Do you remember the hand-held game Simon, in which you had to repeat the computer’s sequence of events? Well, think of that, only on a giant, 10-foot wide scale! Whenever you feel like getting out of the water for a while, this is a fantastic opportunity to do so! And it’s completely free. There are 18 holes of fun on the challenging and entertaining miniature golf course, which is located directly next to the waterpark. Of course, a day at the beach wouldn’t be complete without food, beverages, and other refreshments, all of which are offered at the Paradise Café. The Paradise Cafe is fully equipped with all of your favorite foods! Relax outside beneath the enormous shade umbrellas and enjoy a delicious lunch before returning to the restaurant to chill down under the bucket!

While you are taking advantage of our aquatic facilities, you can rest assured that you are being closely observed by qualified aquatics staff. Staff members live by the motto, “Safety is golden,” and they take their responsibilities seriously, with the safety of you and your family as their top priority. They are subjected to frequent testing to ensure that their equipment is ready, that they can recognize a crisis, and that they are professional. Swim with caution, but do so with the knowledge that our staff of lifeguards is on standby to assist you if the situation calls for it.

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