The National Conference Center

A corporate training center in Leesburg, Virginia, known as The National Conference Center or The National, is home to the National Conference Center, located near Ashburn, VA. More than 14,000 people visit the facility each month, and it has 265,000 square feet of conference and meeting space. There are 250 conference rooms, an athletic facility, and 917 guest rooms in the complex.

The Xerox Conference Center, which opened in 1974 at a cost of $55 million, was the building’s original name. It was created to aid in the training of firm staff in the use of copiers and technology. V. G. Kling & Partners designed the building, which is currently under the management of EE, LLC (National Communications and Communications Corporation).

Outside organizations were allowed to utilize the grounds when Xerox granted permission in 1994. In 2000, the center was sold to Oxford Capital Partners, a private equity firm. Two years later, the center underwent a $29 million refurbishment project in order to improve the quality of its training programs. Buildings are color-coded according to their function, and there is a ballroom and walking pathways in the current design. Living learning modules are also included.

Built by Xerox in 1974 under the name Xerox International Center for Training and Management Development, the center has been in operation since. Later, when an additional building was constructed to train staff in copier technology and equipment, the name of the facility was changed to Xerox Document University. In 1994, Xerox made the amenities available to other businesses, and in 2000, the company sold the property to Oxford Capital Partners as part of its withdrawal from the hospitality industry. A large part of the reason for this closure was a consistent undercapacity in event bookings, despite the fact that the location was hosting events such as the National Veterans Golden Age Games.

It was operated by ARAMARK Harrison Lodging, a management services firm, from its inception in 1974 until its closure in May 2014. NCC EE, LLC was established as the new management services group in May 2014.

In 2002, after undergoing a $29 million restoration, it reopened its doors to serve a wide range of corporate training requirements. The center is made up of a number of buildings that are color-coded, with blue, purple, red, orange, and yellow being the most prominent. The main buildings and the adjoining West Belmont Ballroom, which was built in 2007, are connected by a network of tunnels.

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