Crafting Curls,
Carving Volume

At Evolve Salon & Spa in Ashburn, VA, we offer texturing services that add volume, texture, and movement to your hair. Texture techniques are similar to a perm, but perms have come a long way from the too-tight curls that were popular decades ago. Texturing also adds more body to help a blow-dried style hold its shape much longer. 

treatment services

Keratin Complex

A Keratin Natural Smoothing Treatment temporarily straightens hair, adding shine by sealing it with a unique keratin liquid solution and a flat iron. This smoothing treatment is a long-term blow dry for hair that can last up to three months, and it’s also safe for all types of chemically treated hair.  The keratin natural smoothing treatment eliminates unruly waves, curls, and frizz without making the hair too flat. Your hairstylist uses a straightening iron to seal the keratin into the hair cuticle and gradually washes it out. Keratin Natural Smoothing Treatments are repeatable every ten to twelve weeks.

Express Keratin Treatment

The express keratin treatment is a faster process compared to a keratin natural smoothing treatment, with an application time of just 1.5 hours. This treatment will also eliminate frizz and relax and condition the hair for up to six weeks. Express Keratin Treatments can be a more affordable and faster option for some people and one that can significantly speed up styling time at home.

Brazilian Blowout

The Brazilian blowout smoothing treatment can transform any hair type into silky, smooth hair. This treatment starts with a keratin formula that coats every individual strand of hair to create a formidable protective barrier that produces a smoothing effect that will instantly give your hair a fuller, healthier look. Brazilian split-end treatment is perfect for people with chemically treated hair, with results that can last up to three months.  A Brazilian blowout allows you to decide the strength of the transformation, so you can tone down your curls, keep your waves, and maintain all of the bounce, but with none of the frizz. Having the ability to decide how much or how slight curl you retain gives you the freedom to choose what your hair will look like after the treatment, something you can’t get with heat tools or chemical straighteners. 

A Brazilian blowout smoothing treatment will improve your hair’s health. It can strengthen and restore your hair, covering each strand in a protective protein that smoothes the hair cuticle and eliminates frizz. Harsh chemical treatments and heated styling tools can damage hair, forcing locks to fall in place, but the Brazilian blowout will work with a person’s hair, not against it.

Express Brazilian Blowout

This treatment can provide the same results as a full Brazilian treatment, and it’s perfect for people interested in a full Brazilian treatment but are not ready to commit to the entire three months of results that the traditional Brazilian blowout smoothing treatment offers. An Express Brazilian Blowout will last approximately four weeks.


A permanent wave or perm is a hairstyle that sets hair in tight or loose waves or curls, then treats the curls or waves with the use of a perm solution that allows the style to last for several months. Perms are very customizable, with a variety of wrap patterns available whose utilization achieves the desired result of each client.  Perms are back in a big way. At Evolve, we offer various perm options to choose from, whether you want to try a full perm with a haircut and blowdry or a root perm.

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