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On your wedding day, you’re the star. However, you’ll also want your bridesmaids to shine. Getting the perfect wedding hairstyle for you and your bridal party on your special day may not be at the top of your never-ending wedding checklist, but for the stylists at Evolve Salon and Spa, the right hairstyle for you and your bridal party is just as important as finding the perfect venue or bridesmaid dresses. At our salon, we provide the best bridal hair service.

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Bridesmaids Hairstyles for Long Hair

There are several options for bridesmaid’s hairstyles for long hair, whether you want to wear your hair down or you prefer a classic updo with bridal hairpins or bridal hair clips. The popular French twist is always a hit. This classic look is very versatile and works for a variety of face shapes. A high bun is another great option and one that allows a woman’s natural beauty to shine. With a few select released strands around the face, this hairstyle can become even more weightless.

Bridesmaids Hairstyles Down

Whether you want your hair straightened, curled, or loose waves, down styles can be elegant, polished, and classic. Loose waves are a favorite choice and one that creates the most natural look.

Simple Bridesmaids Hairstyles

Simple styles can also be time-consuming, depending on your hair type and the look you want to achieve, whether you have naturally wavy hair or curly hair and you want a straight, polished look, or you want smooth straight hair with a few accent braids. Buns with a few braids added also look very polished and elegant. These styles will work perfectly for both long and medium-length hair.

Elaborate Bridesmaids Hairstyles

These hairstyles can require longer prep time, but in the end, they’re definitely worth it, whether you want intricate braids, Indian bridal hairstyles, or mermaid braids. Classic curls can also be stunning, with accessories added to make the style pop. When it comes to elaborate and romantic bridal styles, you also can’t go wrong with pairing bouncy, sweet tendrils with scattered flowers. This style is best suited for chiffon or lace dresses or if your wedding has a bohemian feel to it. Mermaid braids are elaborate and romantic. This style is also the perfect option for an outside wedding

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