Everybody feels better when their skin emanates a stunning bronze glow. For years the solution for many was going to tanning beds or soaking in the sun for hours. The results actually caused harmful skin conditions and even skin cancers. As the beauty and wellness industry advanced industry professionals wanted to come up with a better solution to achieving that natural glowing look without the harmful tanning beds or soaking in the sun’s UV rays.

Evolve researched many alternative tanning solutions and ultimately decided on the SJolie Tanning Solutions. Sjolie is an airbrushed spray tanning application. The ingredients in all of their solutions are naturally derived, PETA Certified Vegan and used worldwide. Sjolie is free of parabens, erythrulose, and fragrance.

Spray tanning can protect you in a number of ways. The sun can cause many harmful effects to the skin such as sunburn, premature aging, wrinkles or sunspots. One of the most effective solutions to the sun’s harmful damage to the skin is spray tanning! Book a tanning session before your next beach trip or vacation to start your tan with an even base and help prevent sunburn.

Spray Tanning Services


1 Session $45

Interested in spray tanning? What better way to than a naturally derived, freshly made, and safe product. Evolve Salon & Spa proudly uses Sjolie spray tanning products.


3 Sessions $120

Is one spray tanning session not enough?
No need to worry, Evolve Salon & Spa also offers a three-session package. Book yours today!


6 Sessions $210

Are you wanting a deeper and darker tan? Book a 6 session spray tanning package from Evolve Salon & Spa.

Having an even glow can boost your confidence and have you looking your best on any occasion! Every bride wants that perfect glow on their wedding day and we can help you achieve that look. Our talented professional can help you pick the level of tan you desire. SJolies tan development chart helps you pick the perfect shade with solutions that feature an Aloe Vera base. This organic solution is applied evenly throughout the body with an airbrushed technique, free from smears.

Evolve provides a clean, private room for the tanning application making it a comfortable experience for any guest. Our professional artist will apply a barrier base cream to the palms and bottom of the feet to prevent any unwanted discoloration and your hair will be protected. The application is thorough and on average only takes about 30 minutes! To achieve the best results, we always recommend following the proper before and after care.

Benefits of Evolve Salon and Spa's Sunless Spray Tanning

We use SJOLIE Sunless products.

  • Naturally Derived. The entire spray tan solution product line is made of naturally derived ingredients certified vegan by PETA Foundation.
  • Made Fresh. Direct partnerships with ingredient farmers provide guaranteed demand for their harvest, allowing them to better plan their crop rotations to grow specialty ingredients just for SJOLIE.
  • Safe. The entire spray tan solution product line is Paraben free, erythrulose free, and fragrance-free.

Prior to any tanning session please make sure you exfoliate; we recommend at least 18-24 hours before. You may use a scrub or a loofah with shampoo. Exfoliating has a number of benefits not only for your tan but for your skin! It helps stimulate blood flow, removes excess dead skin cells, and smooths out the skin preparing it for an even tan. On the day of your tanning session please wear dark, loose-fitting clothing.

Please do not wear any deodorant, perfume, or any body lotions as this can create an uneven tan. Do not shower before the recommended time, as the solution needs time to develop. Following your session, please avoid excessive sweating as this can cause unevenness in your tan. You have the option to sleep in your tan, if doing so please make sure that you wear a long sleeve, dark cotton shirt, and long bottoms to avoid any transfer on your sheets. When you do shower, always pat dry the body and do not rub. It is always recommended to use a gentle body to extend the life of your tan. Evolve has tanning packages available for all your budget needs! Book your tanning services today!