Old Ox Brewery

Craft beer has a reputation for being a bit of a misnomer. In this case, the word refers to a type of quality that is typically present in the beverage but is not actually required for the final product to be produced. If you believe that all craft beer is truly “made,” you are not totally correct. The only need for a beer to fall under the category of “craft beer” is that it be made in sufficient quantity by a small enough brewer to be considered such. Microbrew is a more realistic description of the small-batch beers that we purchase and consume most of the time.

Old Ox Brewery is a commercial brewery that is owned and operated by a family, which is situated in Ashburn, VA area. This family collaborates on projects. Plays in a group setting. Everyone gets together to celebrate. Faces the challenges of life together. They built their brewery on the foundation of hard labor and devotion to the local community. They are searching for opportunities to collaborate with the artists, farmers, restaurateurs, shopkeepers, and other businesses that contribute to the unique character of Loudoun County as a place to call home.

As inspiration for their brewery, they looked no further than Old Ox Road in Ashburn, Virginia. One of the oldest roads in Loudoun County, Old Ox was initially constructed to connect the agricultural producers of Loudoun County to markets in Fairfax County and other areas. Their goal is to present their customers with the same sensation of belonging that they have experienced. We want them to feel welcome, whether they are in our tasting room or having a pint in their favorite restaurant or tavern.

They brew their beer in a brewhouse with a capacity of 30 barrels. To put things into perspective, each batch of beer they brew will yield 930 gThey brew their beer in a brewhouse with a capacity of 30 barrels. To put things into perspective, each batch of beer they brew will yield 930 gallons of the finished product. That’s enough to make 9,920 12-ounce cans of beer, or little more than 413 cases of beer every batch of beer. Their beer is on draft in many restaurants and in on the shelves in stores in Northern Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Florida! As is customary, their beer is always available in the Tasting Room, whether in pint glasses, refillable growlers, or full-sized kegs.

Old Ox Brewery is currently located at 4652 Guilford Dr #114, Ashburn, VA 20147. Old Ox is open Tuesday through Friday from 3 PM until 9 PM and 11 AM through 9 PM on Saturday as well as Sunday from Noon until 6.  Old Ox is closed on Mondays.  The Old Ox Brewery does not offer any delivery options.

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