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Our experienced nail technicians provide a wide range of services from the best acrylic nails in Ashburn, VA to spa manicures with paraffin for the ultimate luxury nail experience.

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Express Manicure

At Evolve Salon and Spa, we’re one of the top manicure places in Ashburn, VA. Manicures are one of our most popular nail services. We know a good manicure is more than just shaping and clipping nails. It’s also about pampering our clients. Our manicurist will attend to the nails, skin around the nails, and cuticles. We’ll begin by massaging lotion around and on the nails to smooth the skin as we identify any issues with your nails, such as damaged cuticles or hangnails, which will receive extra attention.

Our skilled nail technicians will discuss your basic nail care needs and strive to achieve the perfect, polished and elegant look that you’re after. We also offer the best kid manicure in Ashburn, Va. Contact our salon today to learn more and to schedule an appointment for you and the whole family.

Express Pedicure

If you’re looking for the best pedicures in Ashburn, VA, your search stops at Evolve Salon and Spa. Our pedicures begin by focusing on soothing your tired feet. We’ll soak your feet in a warm bath before we begin pumicing, scrubbing, and applying lotion.

We know how important it is to pamper your feet, which is why we take extra care when preparing the skin and nails before we shape and cut the toenails. We can add any nail color you prefer, or you can choose a more natural look with a subtle topcoat finish. We also offer the best kid pedicures in Ashburn, Va, so you can enjoy some quality pampering time with the kids. To learn more about our kid-friendly pedicure appointments, contact our salon today.

French Manicures

We offer French manicures, Ashburn, Va for an elegant, simple look. With your choice of French polish, Ashburn, Va, this type of manicure typically features a white tip that’s accentuated by a natural colored base. However, customized color combinations are available, based on client preference.

Shellac Manicures

Searching for the best places for shellac manicures in Ashburn, VA? At Evolve Salon and Spa, getting a shellac manicure will be an amazing experience. During this manicure, we’ll shape and trim your nails, groom your cuticles and professionally paint your nails using the hybrid shellac color of your choice. You can choose from color, clear, or French. Unlike a traditional manicure, a shellac manicure is a gel and polish product that when cured with the use of a UV lamp, the polish hardens quickly and lasts much longer.

Professional Soak off Gel and Shellac Remover

Gel and shellac removal services are definitely a job for professionals. When removal services are performed by a professional nail technician, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the right techniques and products are used to ensure your natural nails are not damaged during the process. We make the removal process as luxurious as possible and ensure your natural nails remain intact. We also encourage a manicure during this time, to pamper your natural nails and encourage growth.

Nail Repair

At our salon, we offer a number of techniques that can fix tears, breaks, and other types of nail damage disasters. Treatment will help get the nail back in shape and can prevent nail infections. Nail damage often occurs when a client attempts to remove shellac coating or acrylics at home. To learn more or to schedule a nail repair treatment, contact us today.

Alessandro Nail Design

We also carry an extensive line of Alessandro Nail Design products including nail art and premium colors, gels, varnish, and more.

Add-On Nail Treatments

Our add-on treatments offer rejuvenation and renewal for skin, cuticles, and nails damaged from nail work. A spa manicure with paraffin Ashburn, VA, or a spa pedicure with paraffin Ashburn, VA, will make your skin incredibly soft and supple. The hot wax will bond to the skin to help moisturize and soothe it, making this treatment an excellent addition to a manicure, pedicure, or both.

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