Ice Skating Adventures at Ashburn Ice House

Ashburn Ice House is located in Ashburn, Virginia, and is a popular destination for ice skating. It is the perfect place to enjoy a winter activity. Visitors can enjoy various activities, from recreational skating to organized games and competitions. Information can be found here.

Hockey fans are also in luck, as the Ashburn Ice House is home to the top-ranked Ashburn Rebels, a junior hockey team. Regardless of skill level, everyone can have a blast at the Ice House. The facility also hosts various events throughout the year, including birthdays and holidays. See here for information about An Unforgettable Experience at Edgar Tillett Memorial Park In Ashburn, VA.

Before visiting the Ashburn Ice House, you must know what type of ice skating you want. For those looking for recreational skating, the facility offers a variety of public sessions that last one hour. A full-length skating rink is also available for skating around the perimeter of the facility. For those who want to learn the basics, the facility offers beginner classes for adults and children. These classes teach everything from the basics of skating to jumps, turns, and spins.

Hockey enthusiasts should check out the Ashburn Ice House Rebels Training Academy. The academy provides classes and private lessons for those who want to improve their skills and join the team. The Ice House also offers goaltender clinics for those who want to join the team. The facility also provides goal-tending equipment to rent for those who wish to test out the equipment before buying it.