Elizabeth Mills Riverfront Park

In the heart of Loudoun County, near Ashburn Virginia sits the absolutely beautiful Elizabeth Mills Riverfront Park, a 122-acre woodland buffer that stretches along the Potomac River. As you exit the parking lot, follow the road around to the stunning golf course, which will take you to the trailhead itself. Check out the little streams and wetlands along the walkway (a paved golf cart path) and keep an eye out for different types of wildlife in the water as you walk.

The forest edge is being hunted by birds of prey such as hawks, which may be observed if you are one of the lucky ones. Woodpeckers can be found pounding on the trunks of trees. Along the river’s side, warblers and flycatchers can be seen in plenty.

When you arrive at the trailhead, keep an eye out for ducks and other birds in the rocky regions. It is possible to witness damselfly and dragonfly along the path, as well as a variety of wildflowers and butterflies throughout the year, especially in the spring and summer.

Because of the little woodland buffer protecting the trail, it is a rather easy stroll along with it. There are no loops on this trail, as it just goes upstream and downstream. Elizabeth Mills Riverfront Park is included in a list of the top hiking paths in Northern Virginia for toddlers. This is due to the fact that the main pathways, which snake along the Potomac, are easier for small children to navigate (or skip).

After passing through a clearing, you can descend to the river and take in the sight of the water and sky melting together. The entire countryside is shrouded in fog, creating the most beautiful scenery.

After a little exploring and a short stroll, you will come across a clearing where you may have a quick snack. A few picnic tables are available, but you’d be just as comfortable spreading a blanket instead.

As a result of its location behind the Lansdowne golf course and a residential neighborhood, Elizabeth Mills Riverfront Park is one of the best-kept secrets in the area. It is also secluded, which is a desirable characteristic during pandemics.

Even though it is not one of the most well-known parks in the area, it nonetheless receives a large number of visitors, and the parking lot appears to be able to accommodate no more than 20 automobiles at a time.

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