Claude Moore State Park

Claude Moore State Park is a 737-acre public recreation area located near Ashburn, Virginia and is open to the public. Moore State Park Historic District was established in 2004 to protect elements of the park that were placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Historical building foundations, a rebuilt sawmill, Eames Pond, waterfalls, and mill chutes, as well as an abundance of azaleas, rhododendrons, and mountain laurel, are among the attractions of the state park. The park is overseen by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, which is based in Cambridge.

In Claude Moore State Park, a part of the property that was originally home to at least five 18th- and 19th-century watermills that were powered by Turkey Hill Brook, which cascades 90 feet over a 400-foot stretch, has been restored. The site’s original mills were a gristmill and a sawmill, both of which were constructed as early as 1747.

Triphammer, quarry, schoolhouse, and tavern are all visible vestiges of the mill village, as is a triphammer mill. During the early twentieth century, the property was turned into a private estate, with substantial portions of it later becoming part of the state park complex.

It was in 2003 that park workers, in collaboration with the American Chestnut Foundation, established an extensive plantation of experimentally bred chestnut trees as part of the foundation’s attempts to bring blight-resistant American chestnut trees back to their native country.

A rare green oasis in the midst of the residences and commercial sectors in eastern Loudoun, Claude Moore Park is a must-see. Nature lovers will enjoy exploring the park’s wooded lanes, lush meadows, and glittering ponds, as well as getting up close and personal with the species that makes its home in the park’s various habitats. Hiking, picnicking, bird watching, and photography are all possible in natural regions, which create a tranquil setting.

Dogs are normally permitted in parks as long as they are restrained physically and under the direction of their owners. Dogs are not permitted in specific portions of parks, such as sports fields and their surrounding areas, and these places are clearly marked as such.

Canoeing, fishing, hunting, hiking, cross-country skiing, and picnics are some of the recreational activities available in the park. Seasonal events such as interpretive programs and concerts are held. Guests of all ages and groups of all sizes can take part in a wide range of park activities and special events that focus on history, nature, and other topics.

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