Bles Park

Access to parks and recreation facilities encourages individuals of all ages to live healthier lifestyles! Child sports leagues and summer camps assist the development of socialization skills in youngsters while also improving coordination and self-esteem in those who take part in the games. Teamwork, learning to be a leader, and sharing with teammates are all important aspects of play. Strong research suggests that when people have access to parks, they are more likely to exercise – and that every mile walked by inactive persons adds 21 minutes to their life! Individuals who engage in regular physical activity have a two-hour boost in life expectancy for every hour they spend doing so. Oak Park residents can take advantage of approximately 50 fitness classes every week, as well as 18 parks and 84 acres of green space provided by the Park District. What’s more, did you know that physical activity can really boost the brain’s ability to learn?

Bles Park, located at 44830 Riverside Parkway in Ashburn, VA, is another excellent (and free) park in the city. In comparison to Ashburn Park, it is more than seven times larger and offers many more enjoyable, family-friendly activities. You and your children can enjoy a variety of activities on the 124-acre property, as well as trekking along the forest pathways and watching the wildlife that lives in the wetlands.

In addition to being a component of the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail, Bles Park’s hiking trails are also a part of the Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail that goes through Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. Take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy the historic river and follow in the footsteps of early American settlers who formerly traversed the region. Take in the breathtaking scenery as you stroll along this short section of the route, which includes wide-open fields abounding with wildflowers, wetlands alive with butterflies and dragonflies, and canals home to frogs, fish, and toads as well as other wildlife.

In the event that hiking is not quite your family’s cup of tea, you can spend your day fishing along the Potomac River and other surrounding waterways, or you can spend your day on the sports fields playing football, lacrosse, or soccer. More than that, the city of Ashburn has plans to make some excellent improvements and restorations to the park, including the addition of tennis and pickleball courts, a multi-generational playground, and enhancements to the park’s natural beauty.

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