Belmont Country Club, and Golf Course

Belmont Country Club and Golf Course, formerly known as Belmont Plantation, is a two-story Federal mansion in Loudoun County, situated in Ashburn, Virginia , that serves as a country club and golf course for members and guests.

Atop the highest point in eastern Loudoun County, The Belmont Country Club offers panoramic views of the surrounding hills and mountain ranges that provide a backdrop to the approaches to the nearby town of Leesburg, Virginia, as well as vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Margaret Mercer purchased the Belmont home from Lee’s heirs in 1836 with the intention of converting it into a women’s Christian school for young women. After her death, the land was sold to George Kephart, a wealthy slave dealer from Alexandria, Virginia, whose daughter also ran a school on the estate.

When Evelyn Nesbit Thaw died in 1887, her mansion was purchased by Frederick Staunton, who sold it in 1907 to John Scott Ferguson, a Pittsburgh attorney, and Evelyn Nesbit Thaw’s cousin. Ferguson sold the property to the McLean family in 1915. The Hope Diamond is owned by the McLean family, who are well-known for this.

The land was purchased by Edward B. McLean, the son of the publisher of The Washington Post, in 1915, and a horse stable and training track for Thoroughbreds was constructed. Upon the dispersal of McLean’s bloodstock in June 1931, the estate was sold to Patrick J. Hurley and his wife in December of that year.

In the presidency of President Herbert Hoover, Hurley is remembered for his service as Secretary of War. The IBM Corporation purchased the site in 1963 and converted it into a management retreat center. It had fallen into ruin by the 1980s and required major repairs, with significant damage occurring inside the structure.

Toll Brothers, Inc. purchased the site in 1995 with the intention of developing a golf community around it and using the refurbished Belmont House as a clubhouse. In order to accommodate restaurants and a clubhouse, an enormous expansion was constructed that remained consistent with the general architectural theme and style of the original home. Various bas relief artworks and plasterwork were still in place in the old home, despite the damage caused by years of neglect.

Toll Golf purchased Belmont Country Club from ClubCorp in November of this year, joining the company’s other six top lifestyle golf clubs on the East Coast. ClubCorp is a leading owner and operator of private golf and country clubs, as well as stadium clubs, in North America.

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