Ashburn Technology Park

A 43-acre commercial complex off Waxpool Rd. in Loudoun County, Virginia, and adjacent to the Dulles Greenway near Washington Dulles International Airport, The Ashburn Technology Park is home to a variety of businesses. Ashburn Technology Park, with its eight buildings totaling 444,960 square feet, provides a campus-like corporate atmosphere in Loudoun County thanks to the cohesive architecture of the buildings. There are 5 industrial spaces available for lease in the city of Ashburn, with a total of 279,690 square feet of industrial space available.

In Ashburn, there are 32 industrial buildings classified as class A. Thirteen new commercial structures (office, industrial, and retail) totaling more than 50,000 square feet were constructed in Ashburn in 2013, the same year that Ashburn Technology Park Road was constructed. There was a total of 2,364,785 square feet of commercial space there. There are 93 commercial properties at the zip code level, with 50 of them being industrial buildings with more than 50,000 square feet of space.

This technology park is beautiful, and the view from here is spectacular. With numerous playground sections for each age level, this facility has a great deal to offer your youngster. There is a good variety of activities available, including swings and a gazebo, as well as picnic tables and bench seating.

There are wonderful places to take your children, as well as your dogs, on vacation. Several walking pathways run from the pro shop to houses along picturesque streams and bridges. It is also a more accessible location for the impaired, as the trails are very easy to navigate.

Ashburn Technology Park has been involved in all phases of the project, from the initial site planning through the provision of construction management services. They have produced a design that is adaptable to the needs of the building’s future users, who were unknown at the time of the building’s design and construction.

The parking and travel-way design of the parks allows for the modification of the orientation and size of space to accommodate many different users. The facility has paved walking routes as well as an exercise circuit.

In addition to ALTA and land surveys, as-built surveys, and boundary surveys, Ashburn Park Technology offers a variety of other services. It also has an in-house and fully staffed property management division, which ensures that each building functions at optimal performance on a consistent basis.

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