Ashburn Public Library

In Loudoun County, Virginia, the Ashburn Public Library employs more than 200 people, both professional and paraprofessional, who work together to serve the community. Additionally, Outreach Services, which delivers books and other resources to the disabled, elderly, and homebound, is available at ten physical branches and one satellite location.

Established in 1973, the Ashburn Public Library system serves the residents of Ashburn, Virginia area. The Purcellville branch, the Purcellville bookmobile, and the Sterling branch were the only libraries in the system at the time of the system’s inception. Thomas Balch Library in Leesburg, Virginia, would become the third library to join the system the following year.

Over time, additional branches were added, the most recent of which was the Brambleton Library, which opened its doors on December 1, 2018. Thomas Balch Library would later leave the system after being transferred to the city of Leesburg, Virginia in 1994 to serve as a history and genealogy library dedicated to the local history and genealogy community.

As stated in its vision statement, the library works to foster a sense of belonging among its patrons through activities and resources that celebrate the joy of reading and learning.

Fines for overdue materials were eliminated at the Ashburn Public Library in 2019, making it the third public library system in Virginia to accomplish this feat. While consumers will no longer be charged a late fee for overdue items, they will still be responsible for the costs of replacing any materials that are lost.

Large regional libraries to small neighborhood branches make up the diversity of the 10 branch locations. However, despite the fact that its headquarters are in Leesburg, Outreach Services is the traveling branch of the Loudoun County Public Library.

Each branch has an advisory board that assists in the support of the library and the fundraising efforts. The Loudoun Library Foundation holds an annual book sale, which serves as another source of revenue for the library.

The Loudoun County Public Library system’s administration building is located in the city of Leesburg in the state of Virginia. The Senior Center of Leesburg is housed in the same building as the structure in question. Chang Liu is the Director of the Loudoun County Public Library system, who has been in the position since 2011.

Members of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors are appointed to serve as policymakers and budget managers for the county. Additional staff members who work for the library system include an administrator, a deputy administrator, as well as five division managers.

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