Ashburn Ice House

Featuring two NHL-sized ice rinks, as well as a fitness center, heated locker rooms, and a pro shop, the Ashburn Ice House offers everything you need to improve your skating skills or at the very least pretend you are a seasoned professional, which is located in Ashburn, Virginia. During public skate sessions, which are held throughout the week, you can hone your abilities and show off your accomplishments. Both children and adults can benefit from courses taught by expert instructors, whether they are beginners or looking to improve their skills. Aspiring figure skaters can benefit from the Ice House’s training program, while young hockey players can hone their talents by participating on a league team at the facility. It’s never too early to start, so Playground on Ice welcomes children eight and under for ice skating, bubbles, coloring, and snowy activities.

United States Hockey Association, United States Speed Skating Association, Special Olympics, and United States Figure Skating Association have all endorsed this curriculum as the only Learn to Skate program available. All of our classes are divided into age-specific levels and are designed to help any novice learn the skills they will need to enjoy the sport of ice skating for the rest of their lives. The Snowplow Sam 1-4 lessons are intended for our youngest skaters, who range in age from 3.5 to 6.5. From day one, our Youth and Teen skaters learn the fundamentals of skating, which progresses to more advanced Basic Skills. In order to participate in any ice sport, the Adult curriculum is the ideal development.

Skaters who have finished either Basic 1, Adult 1, or Snowplow Sam 2 and want to learn to skate in hockey skates should enroll in one of their hockey skating courses. Pre-Freeskate through Freeskate 1-6 are designed for skaters who have completed Basic 6 and desire to pursue a career in figure skating or ice dancing. In all five classes, the foundation is laid for having FUN and advancing to more advanced disciplines such as figure skating or playing hockey on an ice surface. The following sections provide specifics on the skills that are taught in each lesson. They want you to enjoy ice skating as much as they do! The curriculum is progressive, with the first level being the most basic. Please assist them in reducing frustration on the first day by delaying enrolling in a level until they have mastered all of the skills from the prior level.

Ashburn Park