Algonkian Regional Park

Algonkian Regional Park, which is located near Ashburn, Virginia area, is the ideal location for an afternoon of fun in the sun, a family vacation, or even a wedding ceremony and reception. Volcano Island, a big swimming pool and aquatics play complex, a par-72 golf course, miniature golf, trails, a boat launch, picnic shelters, vacation homes, and a multifunctional conference facility are all part of the park.

Algonkian Regional Park is home to a variety of attractions, including a golf course, a water park, and everything in between. Over 800 acres provide plenty of space for wildlife to thrive, particularly along the park’s southern border with Virginia and its proximity to Washington, DC. White-tailed deer are one of the first species you are likely to encounter in the park, and you can see them by the dozens as they graze along the roadside and wander out onto the golf course in the park. Other mammals that may be seen include the eastern chipmunk, gray squirrel, and woodchuck, as well as the red fox, which may be seen at dawn or dusk.

Eastern bluebirds can be found in the open fields and a variety of woodpeckers can be found in the woods, so keep an eye out for them when visiting the park. Numerous eastern phoebes can be found in the riverfront bush, which also attracts white-throated, song, and other sparrows throughout the winter months. In the winter and during migration, the river is well worth a visit if you are looking for ducks. It can be very productive for mergansers, with hooded, common, and red-breasted mergansers all being observed. It has also been reported that the river is occasionally visited by a common loon.

Hackberry and tawny emperors, variegated fritillaries and red-spotted purples are among the butterflies that can be found in the park. Dragonflies and damselflies can also be found in large numbers, with common green darners and black saddlebags patrolling the fields and American rubyspots and powdered dancers fluttering along the riverbanks, among other species of insects.

To get to SR 7/E Market Street from Red Rocks, head east on Edwards Ferry Road NE for 1.8 miles until you reach it (after 0.3 miles Edwards Ferry Road becomes River Creek Parkway). Take a left and travel east on SR 7 for 7.3 miles. After leaving the exit, take Cascades Parkway north for 2.2 miles, where you will find Fairway Drive. Algonkian Regional Park is located on the left (north) side of Fairway Drive, 0.9 miles away.

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